Festival in the Clouds

The 26th Annual Festival in the Clouds is taking place in the Alma Town Park July 19-21, 2024. Check out the Alma Foundation website for more information about our other events and activities.

Presented by the Alma Foundation, the Festival in the Clouds is an annual celebration of live music, art, good food, and community. The Festival is free to attend and takes place on the grounds of the Alma Town Park. Join us!

Many thanks to all the Musicians, Food & Art Vendors, Volunteers, and Sponsors who make this event possible!

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Volunteer for the Festival in the Clouds

Volunteers who work 4 hours will receive a Festival t-shirt and 2 beer tokens!

Sponsor the Festival in the Clouds

Thank you to our sponsors!

Donate to the Alma Foundation

Your financial support of the Alma Foundation directly supports our community! The Foundation is engaged in diverse projects, from the beautification of natural areas to the preservation of historical sites. We put on several events throughout the year, including Bingo, community dinners, and of course Festival in the Clouds. Your support is crucial to our ongoing engagement efforts, and we are grateful to have it.

We also accept donations in the form of skills, services, and stuff! We raffle or auction these items and services off at events such as Bingo and Festival in the Clouds. Your continued contributions are much appreciated and encourage further community engagement. Please contact us if you have an object or service you are interested in donating.

Thank you!